A Full Guide about Spotify Music Plaque

These days, people are very welcoming to any new idea or trend to show their love to loved ones. Hence, the market for customized products has been booming ever since. Plus, if anything gains popularity, many byproducts also come forward, and people in business ignore no opportunity to cash on the ongoing trends. Spotify music plaques are one such example. It has become a great way of dedicating a special song to your loved ones and making it a souvenir. You can gift it at weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, or any other special occasion because it does make an amazing gift. 

What is a Spotify Music Plaque? 

Spotify Music Plaque is an acrylic plaque on which a picture of the desired song in the Spotify layout is printed. It does not play the song. It only shows the title and the picture. But it is a great way to keepsake the song, which can be meaningful and remind you of a special person or moment. It also has two neon lights on the parallel side of the plaque to create an amazing effect. The colors of the neon light and the song to be printed are of customers’ choice. Of course, the music plaque is also available without the neon lights. The plaques can be hung on the wall or can be kept on a table. It can be a part of your living room decoration or bedroom decor. It blends in with the surroundings completely yet keeps its prominence also. It can be in many sizes as well. So basically, you can customize it in any way, shape, and size you desire.

How are the Spotify Music Plaques made? 

We can divide it into two basic portions. Firstly, we can discuss the raw material used in the process and the procedure required to make the music plaque. 

Raw Material

The Spotify Music Plaque does not require a long list of materials to be made. It just requires an acrylic plaque of any size and shape. It comes in different colors, but a transparent one is usually used for this purpose. You can also add a LED neon light of your desired colors, according to the plaque size. Plaques without neon light are also available. 


To make a Spotify Music Plaque, you need to decide the song of your choice. Once you decide on it, you have to create the layout of the song in the Spotify version using either Photoshop or Coreldraw, whatever suits you. 

After completing the design, the next step is printing it on the acrylic sheet. People often confuse acrylic sheets with glass sheets, but these are not the same. Acrylic is usually preferred because it is stronger than glass. It is easy to handle and less fragile than glass sheets. It also makes shipping the products easier because it poses fewer breaking threats and does not shatter into small pieces of broken glass, preventing major injuries. 

Moreover, it is less expensive as well. Still, it demands some other kind of care, yet it is a more promising choice than glass. The computer is connected to a specialized printer, which can print your design on acrylic sheets. The specialized printer moves forward and backward on the sheet to copy the design we created on it. 

Once the printing is done, the next step is to attach the neon lights to the music plaque if the customer has asked for it. Usually, neon lights can be attached vertically on the parallel side of the plates or all four sides, depending upon the buyer’s will. They can be operated by a battery or can have an adapter plugged into an electric socket to turn the lights on. It depends on the customer’s demand. After making the connections and gluing the lights on the plaque, it is ready to be kept or gifted.

You can create holes on the top corners of the plaque to hang it on the wall.

How much does a Spotify Music Plaque cost? 

As mentioned above, we have two types of music plaques—one with LED neon lights and the other without LED neon lights. 

Let us talk about the ones with LED neon lights. On average such plaques range between 2000 to 2500 Pkr. The cost usually depends on the type of neon light beings used and whether it is operated with a battery or on electricity with the help of a cord. 

If we are to discuss the cost of the ones without LED neon lights, it usually costs lesser. It generally ranges between 1000 to 1500 Pkr. 

The Trend of Spotify Music Plaque in Pakistan

Spotify Music Plaques have been in trend since the launch of Spotify in Pakistan. You must live under a rock if you do not know what Spotify is! It is one of the biggest online music libraries. It provides online audio streaming at any time of the day. A lesser known but fun fact about Spotify is that its name is an amalgamation of two words from the English language Spot and Identify. It has more than 422 million active users per month. Out of which, around a hundred and eighty-two million are paying users. You can find songs from all over the world. You name songs from every genre, from every artist, old or new, popular or not, and you can find them on Spotify. You can create your Playlist on the said app. It is compatible with every device, be it Android or IOS, PCs or Laptops. Created in Sweden, on April 23rd, 2006, by Martin Lorentzon and Daniel Ek, it is available in more than a hundred and eighty countries. It was not available in Pakistan but recently, in February 2021. Soon many customized products related to it came following. Spotify Music Plaque is one of them. As discussed above, it is an amazing present and can go with any background decorations. Social media influencers are always in the front row in promoting any trend, and Spotify Music Plaques are no different. Hyped by many tiktokers and Instagram celebrities, these plaques are now in demand, like hot cakes. Although Amazon is considered the pioneer in selling these plaques, you can now easily find online pages on all social media platforms, i.e., Facebook, Instagram, etc., without waiting a month for your product to be delivered. 

Signs of a good quality Spotify Music Plaque

When it comes to customized products, you must consider a few things before buying something. These things will help you to save yourself from a bad experience. Spotify Music Plaque also comes under the category of customized products. So, the following are the few things that you should keep in mind before ordering one online:

First, you should know that these plaques are made of acrylic sheets, which is a different product than glass. It comes in different qualities depending on the thickness of the sheet. And a good plaque should be made on a sheet of either 3 or 4 millimeters in thickness. A sheet of said thickness will make an ideal plaque.

Secondly, ensure that the design is printed on the sheet and not applied to it like a sticker because the printing makes the plaque long-lasting. On the contrary, when the glue dries out, stickers come off after a couple of months, making the plaque a piece of waste. 

Thirdly, if you have ordered a plaque with LED neon light, make sure to ask about the warranty of the neon light and its brightness. A poor-quality neon light will ruin the whole point of the plaque as it will not fulfill your expectations. 

Fourthly, before ordering the music plaque from any online stores, check the customers’ reviews about the page and their products. This will give you a heads-up about the store and what to expect from it. Make sure to learn about their return policy or customer support service if you receive a damaged or wrong product. Be prepared for every scenario. 

Spotify Music Plaque is in trend for a reason. It can be used for yourself and can also be presented to anyone you find special on any occasion like an anniversary, birthday, Valentine’s day, Christmas, wedding, or engagement. The song can be your theme or any song that holds a cherishing place in your heart. The picture can remind you of the bond you share with the person who gifted it to you. Hence, giving this to someone can never go wrong.

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