Payment Methods

Once the customers are ready to order, they must press the ”order now” button. It will take them to a new page to complete the check-out process. On this page, they have to put in their basic information, i.e., Name, Contact Number, complete Address (these are mandatory), and email address (nor mandatory). After filling out this information, a list of five payment methods will appear in front of the customers. Let us take took on these available payment options:

Cash on Delivery




Bank Transfer

Cash on Delivery: Most people are familiar with Pakistan’sPakistan’s most commonly used payment method. The customer has the facility of paying once they receive their product. The delivery person collects this amount. The due amount is printed on the invoice generated by Artcart. The customer will also have the option to check the due amount on the Artcart app.

Easypaisa: The customer will also be able to transfer the due amount against their product using Easypaisa. The details of Artcart’sArtcart’s Easypaisa account will be provided to the customer on our app. The customers will be required to send the screenshot of the transaction for verification to our contact number mentioned in the app. If they do not verify, a customer care service provider will contact them via SMS or Call and ask for the verification to process their order.

JazzCash: Similar to Easypaisa, Customers can also use their JazzCash account for payment. The details of Artcart’sArtcart’s JazzCash account will be provided to the customers on our app. They will be required to verify their transactions by sending the screenshot to our contact number provided in the app. If they fail to provide the screenshot, our customer care representative will contact them and ask for it to process their order further.

NayaPay:  NayaPay is an online transaction service introduced recently in Pakistan. It is similar to online mobile accounts because of their online services and to bank transfers because they provide the account holders with a Visa Card. The account can be opened by any National Identity Card holder of Pakistan. Artcart supports this initiative and allows its customers to pay through the Naya Pay account. The details of our Naya Pay account will be provided on the app. The customers must send a screenshot of the transaction to our contact number. If not, our customer care representative will contact the customer and ask for the verification to further process the order.

Bank Transfer: Artcart also provides the customers with the facility of bank transfer. The details of our bank account will be provided on our app. As mentioned above, customers must confirm the transaction with our contact number. If they fail to do so, our customer care representative will contact them to receive the verification. 

If the customers opt for prepayment methods using Easypaisa, JazzCash, NayaPay, or bank transfer. In that case, they will not have to pay any delivery charges for the shipment of their product. It is a benefit that Artcart provides its customers. 

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